Vortman winery is a boutique winery that grew out of great love. Love for nature, love for the Carmel ridge area and of course love for wine. The winery is located on Mount Carmel above the Ezov gorge and facing the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea.

The wines are handmade all along the production process, from vine growth and harvest to bottling and pasting labels on every bottle. The wines are mostly blends consisting of several varieties all grown in the Mount Carmel area in order to create high quality wines with regional character.

The grapes are hand picked, destemmed and crushed at the winery and fermented in small vats. At the end of the fermentation and after further soaking of the skins, the wine is pressed and transferred to oak barrels for different aging periods. During that time the decisions about the final blends are taken. After the blend creation the wine returns to oak barrels for another aging period. The winery produces 20,000 bottles per year.

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